Hello, my name is Jayne and I hope you enjoy looking through my website.


I have always liked wearing jewellery, especially if it is unusual. When I couldn’t find something suitable for an important occasion I decided to make my own. I found I enjoyed it so much that I continued to make jewellery for myself, and, also to give as gifts to family and friends. Other people also liked my work and so what started out as a hobby slowly changed from making gifts to having a stall at local craft fairs.

I really love the different types of beads and find the selection of shapes, textures and colours amazing. I like to use the best quality beads e.g Swarovski, Miyuki and Toho as these are more consistant in their size and shape and, more importantly, in the size of the hole through the bead.

When I am making a piece of jewellery there is a lot of time involved before hand in choosing colours, bead shapes, and techniques. Some beads just lend themselves to a certain design and the decision is almost made for me!

I prefer to ‘beadweave’ rather than just stringing the beads on. Both have their own merits but I like the challenge beadweaving brings when making a complex piece.

An example of bead weaving

An example of bead threading

Although selftaught I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from online tutorials given by professional jewellery makers.  There are many techniques involved in beadweaving and I have many shelves full of books to guide me.

My aim is to make something unique, and, although some of these designs are inspired by others most are entirely my own ideas.

I sell my jewellery at craft fairs throughout Norfolk – see Events page . I also accept private commissions, please feel free to contact me.